DuckDNS on EdgeRouter

1 minute read

Logan Marchione has a great series of articles about the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. I was interested in particular to setting up DuckDNS as a dynamic DNS provider. He covered that well using the command line.

I’m not sure why I couldn’t get it to work, but for some reason a handful of the commands were generating errors in my configuration. I set out to figure it out using the GUI. It wasn’t hard, just took looking at Logan’s article and dissecting it a bit.

PreRequisite: You must sign up for DuckDNS service. Get logged in and create your hostname and create your token.

  1. Go to Dynamic DNS settings page in the GUI of your EdgeRouter.
    • Services -> DNS
  2. Create a new DDNS Interface and choose your WAN interface. Mine is eth2.
  3. Choose Custom as the service and give it a friendly name
  4. Put in your hostname without the in hostname
  5. Login username is ‘nouser’ / Password is your account token.
  6. Protocol is dyndns2
  7. Server is

Apply that change and you should be in business.

EdgeRouter DDNS

You can always see the status by opening up console to your router and issuing the following command:

show dns dynamic status


interface    : eth2
ip address   : X.X.X.X
host-name    : MyHostname
last update  : Sun Sep 24 17:57:40 2017
update-status: good

Now you’re all set.