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Ridiculous password complexity

When deploying the latest vMA appliance I was hit with a highly restrictive password complexity requirement from VMware. I could not let this get the best of me.

Thanks to Tomi Hakala, I didn’t have to.

  1. Set valid password for vi-admin, for example Qazx123!# should do
  2. Login to vMA shell as vi-admin
  3. Elevate session as root with “sudo –s”
  4. Run “pam-config –d –-cracklib”, note double dashes on front of cracklib
  5. Exit root shell with “exit”
  6. Change vi-admin password with “passwd” to your liking

Above pam-config command disables cracklib in vMA PAM (pluggable authentication module) configuration, cracklib is a PAM library which is used to enforce Linux, and it this case vMA account password strength.