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vTechify is my home to talk about all things virtualization. Here I share things learned in lab and production environments both for my documentation and others to stumble upon for reference.

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Scan SCSI bus for new drive

When adding a new disk to a Linux VM, you usually have to reboot for the system to recognize the disk. Now you don't have to.

PowerCLI on OSX

Several posts are out there talking about how to do this, but I figured I'd put my post together of what I did to get this new functionality in OSX.


Rescanning VASA Providers

Occasionally, vCenter will show you that all vSAN storage profiles are Not Applicable. Here's how to fix that.



Exract All RAR Files

Sometimes, you just don't want to keep typing the same one or two-liners. Sometimes it's just easier to whip up a quick script.

RVTools 3.7 Is Here

It's been a long time coming, but Rob finally released version 3.7 of the incredible RVTools.

Memory Deep Dive

Frank Denneman blows me away with his knowledge. This time, he does it again regarding server memory.



Make PuTTY Easier to Read

The default color schemes in PuTTY suck! Here is one approach at making them prettier and easier on the eyes.

Reset the root or admin user in vCOps

When deploying, you have to change the root and admin passwords. What happens if you can't remember what you set it as? Here I explain how you can reset.