VCSA 6.5 Installer on Mac

1 minute read

Yesterday I finally ran the native OSX installer for the 6.5 version of VCSA. During deployment, I kept getting errors about ovftool. I couldn’t figure this out initially as I had the ovftool already installed and it was the latest version.

I sought out to add it to my PATH thinking that this would solve it. I was wrong again.

I stumbled onto a blog post by Steve Flanders that explained some gotchas for the Mac installer on Sierra.

Here’s what I saw…

  • Open CDROM > vcsa-ui-installer > mac >
  • Complete steps 1 through 5
  • Hit an error on step 6 Step 6 Error

As Steve wrote, I figured I too had a corrupted OVA or installer ISO file. I downloaded it all again…same result. Clicking the “Show All” button, gives this: ovftool not available

So then I click on “Installer Log” and look into it. I see something like this:

2017-09-13T21:55:20.116Z - error: could not find ovftoolCmd: /private/var/folders/zq/hv4wdw2n431fgt2fvwyxk46jyy3clj/T/AppTranslocation/vcsa/ovftool/mac/ovftool
2017-09-13T21:55:20.116Z - info: ovftoolCmd: null
2017-09-13T21:55:20.116Z - error: OVF probe error: Error: ovftool is not available

So it cant find the ovftool? Weird. So maybe I can fix that. Just copy the vcsa folder to that private path… /private/var/folders/zq/hv4wdw2n431fgt2fvwyxk46jyy3clj/T/AppTranslocation

Now try the installer again and you should have success!

Yay Internet!