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The guy over at vSpace outlined some very handy keyboard shortcuts for use while in the vSphere Web Client.

vSphere Web Shortcuts

I haven’t completely made the switch from the C# client to the Web Client, but this might help nudge me in the right direction.

vSpace: vSphere Web Client Handy Keyboard Shortcuts

I recently learned about a few cool VMware vSphere Web Client keyboard shortcuts to jump to between different views. The screenshot below provides a quick overview of the available keyboard shortcuts for the vSphere Web Client. Take a look at the table below for a more detailed break down of each keyboard shortcut. The following table lists the shortcuts that the vSphere Web Client supplies. Because it is browser-based and runs within multiple operating environments, the vSphere Web Client defines few keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Operation Action
Ctrl+Alt+S Place cursor in the Search field control
Ctrl+Alt+1 OR Ctrl+Alt+Home Navigates to the vSphere Web Client home
Ctrl+Alt+2 Navigate to the vCenter Home inventory
Ctrl+Alt+3 Navigate to the Hosts & Clusters tree in the vCenter inventory
Ctrl+Alt+4 Navigate to the VMs & Templates tree in the vCenter inventory
Ctrl+Alt+5 Navigate to the Storage tree in the vCenter inventory
Ctrl+Alt+6 Navigate to the Networking tree in the vCenter inventory